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“I was thinking about this procedure for a while but hesitated due to time and costs. Dr. Lim was not pushing me into having it done and was great in providing details on the procedure. I finally dediced to take advantage of a holiday promotion and started a great journey in Jan 2011. Everything was explained to me. Dr. Lim took time to explain how the process will work. He was very patient. I am a demanding customer. I like to understand details and it means I need a doctor who takes time to do that, Dr. Lim is just like that.

I would visit the office every 6 to 8 weeks. I have never had issues with appointments or waiting time.

The results are fantastic. I will add that Dr. Lim accepts nothing but best results. Towards the end of the procedure I was a but tired of more trays to make my bite perfect but Dr. Lim again took time to explain the importance of perfect bite over cosmetic results. Now I have both!!! My friends and family just could not believe the difference! Worth every dollar and every day!

Thank you!!!”

“When I was a teenager I had braces on my upper teeth and, honestly, it was a very painful and unpleasant process. After that experience I couldn’t overcome my fear of straightening my bottom teeth, which were very crooked with gaps, not aligned, and to me looked ugly.

In 2010, I came to Dr. Lim’s office and experienced an absolutely different view on dental care, the way dental procedures work, and office policy in general.

In 2012, during my annual exam, I was sitting in the dentist chair looking at INVISALIGN: BEFORE and AFTER pictures. I made a comment that I wish I could have the same awesome open smile that the person in the AFTER picture had. Dr. Lim took me seriously and I was provided with all the information I requested. My main concern was how long would it take and how painful it was going to be. After listening and asking about Invisalign, I was getting closer to the decision to get them. Once Dr. Lim showed me the computer diagram with my teeth before and after, I was sold immediately!

Now some facts that I experienced during my Invisalign treatment:

  1. I started Invisalign in early spring and was done with the entire process by the middle of December. For me, after struggling with braces for 4 years, this was really nothing.
  2. I quickly adjusted to the minor pain in the beginning and could already start seeing results in about 3 weeks! I was very excited!
  3. At first there was a little speech issue but I got used to it.
  4. With Invisalign, the process of brushing my teeth was much easier compared to brushing my teeth with braces (just remove the aligners).
  5. The most important thing for me was the fact that my entire Invisalign process was experienced without pain. I only felt some pressure on my teeth on the first day of placing new trays in my mouth.
  6. The aligners really are invisible! There were some people who didn’t see them until I was taking them off to prove it.
  7. You can take them on and off whenever you need to. I was taking them off on vacation for complete relaxation.

Overall, my experience was very positive. I cannot believe the improvement they made on my teeth in such a short amount of time. I am so happy with results!

I am very pleased with Dr. Lim professional job, stuff work in Glenlake Dental Care office. Scheduling was always done in timely manner, no waiting time; informational part was provided without any pressure and over advertising; I always felt nice attitude and warm, kind, proficient environment.

I can’t find enough words to highly recommend Invisalign treatment if you consider straightening your teeth.”


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