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How to Properly Brush Your Teeth

The first step is to choose a good toothbrush. You always want to use a brush with soft bristles. A soft brush is hard enough to remove plaque, yet gentle enough to avoid irritating your gums and tissue.

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The next procedure is to select an effective toothpaste. In general, any toothpaste that contains fluoride is recommended unless you have special needs that are determined by your dentist. Two of the most endorsed brands of toothpaste are Colgate Total and Crest Multicare.

When initially brushing, it is important to start from a specific location and work your way to the opposite side, continuing all the way through the whole mouth so that you end where you started. This helps you avoid missing any areas. Usually a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is enough. An adequate brushing should require 2 to 4 minutes of time.

There are a variety of techniques for brushing your teeth, but one of the most popular ones is described here:

Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle toward the teeth and gums. Gently press against the gums so the tips of the bristles go in between the gum and the teeth. Then apply a few lateral strokes and roll the brush down to sweep off plaque and wastes. Repeat this motion 6 to 10 times and move on to the next area. If your mouth is full of foam, spit it out and continue brushing. Your brushing is completed when you have brushed all surfaces and spaces of your teeth, not when your mouth is full! On chewing surfaces, short strokes work best to remove plaque from grooves and pits. When brushing the back side of your front teeth, hold your brush vertically to be able to reach the teeth better.

As far as frequency of brushing is concerned, the ideal practice is to brush after a meal. But if this is not possible, then brush at least twice a day – after breakfast and before going to bed. If you live in or around Glenview, give us a call today to schedule your oral health evaluation exam.


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