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Arlington Heights Orthodontist

Arlington Heights Orthodontist

At Glenlake Dental Care, we specialize in delivering a one-of-a-kind level of dental care that leaves you with renewed beauty. A misaligned smile is not the ideal way to present yourself that you dream about. With our certified expertise in Invisalign and orthodontics, a gorgeous smile isn’t just a fantasy!

Cosmetic dentist and orthodontist Dr. Eric Lim is the spearhead for our pursuit of delivering effective and transcending dental care in the Arlington Heights area. Our specializations are virtually limitless.  Whether you’re seeking to correct the alignment of your teeth or improve your bite, our treatments are bound to deliver world-class results.

Our orthodontic expertise ranges from traditional braces to durable appliances and cutting-edge Invisalign trays. Regardless of what is inhibiting your dental health, a successful result is certain to dawn on your smile.  We consistently seek your satisfaction because our work is aimed not only to improve your teeth but your life as well!

The theme of our office is inspiration because we aim to re-inspire your beauty and self-confidence. If a rebranded smile is on your agenda, then we possess the tools to help. Visit or contact our office to learn more about the teeth straightening options we provide.


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